1985 Garelli Rally SL

I would like to put a 70cc kit on my 1985 Garelli Rally SL, what would be the best setup for performance? Exhaust, Carb, head, ect... Who has a badass garelli??

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19 or 21 dell, low to mid range puch pipe, circuit pipe would do nicely

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

daveysaves has a pretty saucy setup on his ssxl

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

I have a 1978 Garelli Rally Sport with a 21 Dellorto PHBG carb, matching intake, Unipod air filter, 70cc Polini kit, and unfortunately, just a Bullet pipe. The pipe was added on first before I decided to kit the ped. Eventually, I will upgrade to a better pipe. The foam of the filter hits the fender but there's only foam and air there. You might want to get a different/smaller filter if you don't like it doing that.

I'm still breaking the kit in but it's feeling good so far. I haven't done a proper plug chop but my main jet is at 94. The rest of the PHBG carb is complicated and so I haven't tuned it perfectly yet. I just want to go above 40mph but I think this set up goes well beyond that.

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

70 polini kit. intake and 21 dell. stock head. bullet pipe or something similar. Super good oil for blast off. Hella good.

i think i put like a 78 or something main.

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

i would say stay away from the bullet, i hated mine. motomatic will make you a N8P that mounts right up, but its pricey. i have heard of people loving estorils on the polini 70 kits, but i havent used one.

70 polini

21mil motomatic intake

21mil PHBG

motomatic N8P

it isnt completely tuned yet and i still have to fuck with the gearing, but it already melts your face off. thats the first thing i do when i get home. word.

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

homeopat pipes are well worth it. look for the 6 or 8

Re: 1985 Garelli Rally SL

woah, im stoned: Homoet 6p or 8p .... my bad. sweet pipes, awesome lines for the ped too. spray paint with grill paint or engine ceramic paint

mean sound too, never mind the mean powerband :)

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