General Five Star firing problem

Just started working on a fivestar I have had for a few monthes now. Got it and some Turkey had taken the stator plate and magneto off. I had a scrap engine so I pulled the sator plate and mag. off of it. Clean looking parts. Someone had gone into the wiring on this thing and cut and screwed around with the wiring back under the side cover where the battery seats. Anyway no fire and this seemed to be the problem they were having to begin with when they started into taking everything off. Anyway is there anything special about this things that I dont know about? Are they wired weird? Motobecane style stuff where the bulbs cant be blown? Anyway to easily bypass everything to check for good coil and stator stuff? OK give me the skinny on these. PS Minerilli engine

Re: General Five Star firing problem

wiki and the repair forum that way =========>

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