lowering front end.

what would be the best way to lower the front end of my moped about 1/2inches?

Re: lowering front end.


Re: lowering front end.

Let the air out of the front tire. Seriously though, you could probably cut the springs down a little but you might run into problems with them bottoming out easy. If you have high end forks that use an adjustable tree you can slide the fork tubes up a little higher and then mount clip ons to the top.

Re: lowering front end.

Find stiffer springs from a dirt-bike/etc. that are the same diameter. Cut to length--enjoy!

Be sure to use a STIFFER/PROGRESSIVE spring when doing this...You make it too soft you waste $$$$.

Re: lowering front end.

are you doing it for looks or to make the bike super twitchy in corners?

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