K star port chamfer questionz

I'm almost done(not really) rebuilding my E50 for my Kstar for my Pinto.

Everyone talks of the chamfer for the exhaust port to quiet the ping. It seems I need to buy some small files, but to what extent should I hit it with? which sides of the window?

All information is appreciated! Can't wait for a "fast" bike to ride to school on!

Also, anyone whos run a Kstar on a 14 bing, Low 80's high 70's jet? Si or no si?

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

Just use a nail file and some fine grid sandpaper to finish it off. Take the edge of all the sides of the ports. You don't have to take a lot off, just so that it's rounded out a bit and doesn't feel sharp to the touch.

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

more of a me thing more than likely but i use the back of me fingernail as a gauge. if when i scrape it against the port window and it takes some nail with it, i keep file'n, if allz smooth then its a go on with tha next'n. poor mans numb finger way

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

That's a good way to do it. You just don't want there to be an edge for the ring to snag on is all... Buy good files. You can find lots of shitty files on ebay or whatever but you use them once and they are dull. You can get a nice set at Ace or Sears for like 20 bucks or less.

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

Thanks all! I plan on buying some good files, and some emery cloth sometime after school today!

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

i use a small sanding drum in a dremel for this, works wonders and i feel is less likely to chip the plating.

i'm also lazy and impatient. and i have cheap files that suck.

Re: K star port chamfer questionz

I use a sanding pad on my dremel aswell for the KStar and my own port work.

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