timing need to be set?

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when im putting on a 70cc kitt on my maxi? and also would i need a smaller length spark plug?

im waiting for the parts to come in and i just wanna be mentally prepared

and in your opinoin which way is the best to break in a new kit

Re: timing need to be set?

B6hs is the stock recommended plug and should work just fine with the new hit, however. After break-in I would recommend running a slightly cooler plug such as B7hs to B9hs. You shouldn't have to worry about plug size, just heat rating, but it never hurts to check that it's not getting hit by the piston (you can always search through older threads on this topic). In my experiences 40:1 for break-in at low revs worked the best before I mixed richer 32:1 for higher revs after the ring seated. Run around 35:1 for daily rider. Recently broke-in a new ring on 32:1 and regret not using my previous method.

Everyone has there own methods of break-in so search some older posts. There're tons on the topic. And trust me many would say I'm breaking-in incorrectly.

Also, I always break-in with a tank of regular 2 stroke before switching to synthetic.

Re: timing need to be set?

Laughin Coyote /
rxaj OP

thank you i appreciate the help man

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