Za50 gearing questions.

Hi Guy's,

I am running a Za50 with a polini kit,a 21 dellorto and a biturbo pipe, bike is not run in yet so obviously i'm going steady, my question is regarding the gearing, i'm running stock 18/38 at the moment but i have a 17 tooth front sprocket and a 36 rear, would i be best to run 17/38 or 18/36 and what sort of mph differences am i likely to see?

thanks very much.


Re: Za50 gearing questions.

I got no hills here so I would run a 18/36.

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

We have hills here, will changing the gearing to 18/36 kill the hill climbing ability?

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

No way to tell, just try it. If you don't like it, you can always go back.

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

Stock gearing is 18/40, so 18/36 on a za with a polini should be no problem

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

I agree with the just try it...

Somewhere here, there is RPM vs MPH chart for the E50, but take a look at that anyway.

You might find that if you start from a stop going up a hill, you'll take off in first speed, but when it shifts to second, you're below the power band, and can't accelerate.

Maybe flipping the second clutch will help...

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

There will be around a 5mph difference on the top end between 17/38 & 18/36. i would say the difference at the bottom end would not be noticeable.

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

18/36 won a hill race for me in SF.

That and the fastest dude crashed so I could win.

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

Yeah I ran 18 36 too. it ya got a 1st gear sky's the limit.

Re: Za50 gearing questions.

I ran the 18 40 for a bit and liked it but wanted more speed . Switched to 18 36 and longed for my low end back ,

Now I run 16 36 and I think it is the best so far .

Great low end and still hits 40

Plus I can change out the front sprocket out easily to switch from power to speed . But an all around good setup is the stock or even better 16 36 for its versatility . IMO

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