Puch polini ring gap?

What is the proper ring gap for the puch polini?

the instructions dont say anything about it.

Re: Puch polini ring gap?


Re: Puch polini ring gap?

Shit I don't know. I was taught a formula using the diameter to figure the gap years ago but I don't remember the constant. Iam betting you might find it on this here interweb somewhere

Re: Puch polini ring gap?

I looked it up and for a high performance 4 stroke (hot) it would be about .012 inch. Because it's 2 stroke you might want .014. With one ring there will be some blowby but what you gonna do?

Re: Puch polini ring gap?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

The reason you hope to get it just right is when the motor heats up the gap will close, due to expansion. When it's up to full operating temp the gap should be ALMOST closed. If it does touch then problems with breaking rings happen & it lunches the whole top end. Do some research from the people you got the kit from, or who sells them. I would guess it's .012 or less. My new rings are at .010 on a 50cc & I'm calling it good.

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