puch 70cc kitt

Laughin Coyote /

getting a 70cc kitt with 70cc hi comp head

are there anytools you can get for compressing the rings to put into the cylinder?

also you think i could just upjet on my stock bing carb i have a 64 right now would jumping to 70-ish be too high

and my stock pipe wont blow up willl it??

Re: puch 70cc kitt

You can get a high flow filter for your round bing from many different moped stores. That will help till you can afford to get a bigger carb.

If your gonna drop the money for a kit and a head for it than spend the extra 60 bucks and grab a Techno boss pipe for it.

-The exhaust port matches well with that pipe.

-It's not expensive as far as pipes go.

-It is good quality

-It looks close to stock, and bolts right on.

My 2cents - Joe

Re: puch 70cc kitt

You will need no such tool for ring compression. Fingers work great. I would reccomend getting a bigger carb and intake. Pipe too, they seem to work well as an overall package. cant beat $60 techno boss pipe. And your stock pipe will not blow up.

Actually, I would go the route of a pipe before I kitted my bike. personally.

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