A35exhaust? BiTurbo, TechBullet, TechCir thoughts?

Peter Baudendistel /

I just bought a 1999 Tomos TTLX Classic off ebay, and after cleaning the carb to get it running appropriately, I'm looking to buy some performance parts.

I'm looking to buy a 70cc kit off Treats (tomos a3 a35 44mm alukit 70cc cylinder kit), but I'm also looking to invest in a new exhaust.

I know about the infamous biturbo pipe, but I've recently heard some not so great things about it. So, in perusing treatshq, I've come to look at the Techno Circuit and the Techno Bullet.

Does anyone have any input? I can't really find too much of a breakdown on the differences, so any help would really.......help.


Re: A35exhaust? BiTurbo, TechBullet, TechCir thoug

techono bullet for blasting.

Re: A35exhaust? BiTurbo, TechBullet, TechCir thoug

techno estoril for a good all around gain or circuit for some nice low end

Re: A35exhaust? BiTurbo, TechBullet, TechCir thoug

from what i have picked up from talking to some guys is that the circuit is better low end because of how it is shaped. (not sure why) and the bullet is pretty much the same as the biturbo

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