tomos targa a35 intake

OK, it is now a perfect time to start my rebuild cuz this fella in a van tried to

run me off the road, then stops at the next stop sign and waits for me to

go around him so of course I say to him 'wtf' and he starts yelling I shouldn't be on the road with an unregistered moped. I tell him that is no reason to do what he did

and he starts to move towards me again in his van. He is yelling for me to pull over so he can 'kick my ass' while trying to dial 911 and at that point I put several significant dents with balled fist and leveraged kicks on his van. I yell I'd be happy to pull over, and do, and

wait for him to get out of his van but he drives off instead. At this point I think it

is a good idea to get his license plate info so I follow. He gets more pissed and slams on his brakes in front of me. I tell him I do want to wait for the police to arrive so I can tell them he tried to run me off the road and then I point out my license plate on the side of my ped. He starts yelling again while trying to call

911 so I reached in grabbed his phone and threw a fast ball with it straight to the

ground. He grabs his steering wheel lock and comes at me, stops and I am yelling at him to come on, that he has the weapon so come on. While in my fighting stance I remind him I am registered, that he tried to run me off the road, twice, that he is holding a weapon to attack so I'd be glad to wait for the police to arrive.....except he now has a cell in a dozen pieces!

So what I am wondering is, since this is a really good time to start my rebuild,

if anyone has come up with an intake to go with my a35, 70mm parmakit,

16mm dellorto, technigas next r? Oh, and a Malossi four petal.

There doesn't seem to be much room in there? Especially with the

whole malossi kit????? I am going to fabricate one if nobody has

anything and am wondering if it should match the actual opening

of the Malossi? which is something like 15.75 mm? Does it matter?

should it be the actual 16mm if I have to make one?

Oh, I'm not a yungin. I'm over fifty but am not going to take shit

for just being on the road having a ball on my tomos.

In any case I think it is time to make a license plate mount.

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