what is the problem please help me

I have a Gilardoni 75cc with mikuni TM 24 on my 5 speed tomos and a stege 6 air filter

today I have changed my previous 180 main jet with smaller 155 main jet and the bike still di not idle by itself?

1. First strange thing is that the bike died as soon as I have squezee the clutch lever??

It was like that: I was pushing the bike in 4th or 3rd gear until it started and then I was runing next to the bike in 3rd or 4th gear and the engine idle at very low rpm,s(arround 500 rpms) and did not die but I had to push the bike all the time if I stopped the engine died)

but another problem is IF I squezee the clutch lever while I was still runing next to the runing engine ,the engine just died instantly and always when I squezze the clutch lever?

Why does this happen? The clutch and the clutch basket are brand new?

I took off the air filter and it was even worse.....engine just booooooooo

so if I am stop runing next to the bike it just dies or if I squeeze the clutch lever during the runing it just dies also?

thanx for help

Re: what is the problem please help me

Send me a 5 speed tomos motor like yours with a Gila kit on it and I will troubleshoot the problems and give all the info you need. Sorry, anyways, does the bike rev up at all in neutral? Not sure what Mikuni jetting is size wise but your jet sounds big.

Re: what is the problem please help me

5 speed tomos motor? Call me crazy but i've never heard of the such. you do live in a foreign country so maybe there.

Anyway sorry i can't help but heres a free bump

Re: what is the problem please help me

Yeah, sorry dude, but we don't have 5 speed tomos here.

Everybody, this guy is from Slovenia, and probably has access to sweet tomos we don't.

Re: what is the problem please help me

ez da snow man !! /

maybe way to big of jet?? or air leak?

Re: what is the problem please help me

i envy you foreign people with cool mopeds

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