Puch Polini porting questionaire????

I recently bought a polini kit for my maxi. How important is matching the case, and what are the downsides to not do it? and what about porting?

Re: Puch Polini porting questionaire????

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a lot of people say you must do it. I'd say you certainly should for maximum performance. The key downside is poor fuel flow access to the upper transfer ports, potentially leading to hot spots on the piston (or so people say). Though looking at the recessed portion of the piston, you would probably get off ok.

I suppose it depends on your setup. If you plan on running a 4 petal and big carb, definitely do it right and match it up. If running a bing, I dunno. I've run both matched and not and never had issues either way.

Make sure your electrical is up to spec!

Re: Puch Polini porting questionaire????

for max performance its a must, but if you don't care about max performance, just slap it on there. The bike will still blast. Its also a good way to restrict a kitted bike build for a newb.

Re: Puch Polini porting questionaire????

Yo prick, you still have that intake I sold you that you broke? I want to try and fix it.

Re: Puch Polini porting questionaire????

I went ahead and matched it up.. I gotta do it right.... Now i Just need my carb and im rippin'! And Jason, I think i got that broken piece for ya, i just got to check at the crib. I'll get back on that.

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