Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

I have a Suzuki Fa50 and was reading about derestricting a honda moped and i was wonder if i could apply what they do to that moped to my Fa50. Like for the reeds there are metal pieces that dont let the reeds bend back too far, if i bent those back it would increase the intake, would this make me go faster? And I was looking at my exhaust port on the cylinder head and the exhaust port was very small, i got all of the crap out of the port and now it has alot more power and torque but it doesnt want to go any faster than 25 i also took all of the junk out of the exhaust so there is just one tube leading through the chamber and then exits through the small hole. I am also going to upjet and am thinking about porting the exhaust. Should i do this? do you think i will get a large increase in speed if i open it up about a quarter inch on each side? I cant get over 26! but i have a fantastic low end



Re: Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

I believe the CR ratio on the FA is 6.5:1. You will need to put a pipe on it too

Re: Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

I gave up on making my fa50 fast. If you have any luck post it up. Mill the head a piece, get the pipe from treats, maybe some port work?

Re: Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

The FA50 isn't restricted, it's just geared for low-end. I've never had a bike with so much torque until I got my Derbi. My FA does 30 reliably though so you may have some fine tuning to do. Make sure your exhaust is clean and put a fresh air filter element in. If one could get a set of gears made to bring the engine's rpms down it could be made to scream. Of course you you also need to consider stability. My conclusion has been that its an extremely reliable daily rider that runs freakishly smooth. But the tuning capabilities are very limited.

Re: Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

I just got finished trying to restore a 1980 fa50 and I assume I am having the same problem as other forum participants are the bike will not rev to its max at wide oped throttle. I have been looking through the service manual and noticed that the throttle valve or( throttle piston) has different setting for the main jet needle. I am going to set the needle further down to lean out the WOT fuel to air maximum ratio I suspect this maybe part of the problem if not you all will know about it soon.


Re: Suzuki Fa 50 Deristriction ideas

get the cheapest 50cc expansion chamber you can get and throw it on their. should add about 5mph and some more torque.

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