Sachs Mods

Hey lets hear what you've done to these things. any cure for the exploding clutch? any quick easy mods?

Here's what i've done so far: i got my columbia a few months ago, kind of bad timing. i could ride it for a week before it started snowing. but i've taken out part of the baffle, cut off the stinger to where the muffler attaches to the header, and i've drilled some holes in the air box. When i got it it was lucky to hit 25, now it tops out at around 35. new sprockets coming, and looking for a bigger header. maybe looking into a new jug?

what have you done?

Re: Sachs Mods

Evan make sure you getting enough gas to the motor now, Your getting more air in there and now you need morefuel to cool it down.

Re: Sachs Mods

yeah i'm actually running a little bit rich, i'm constantly on the verge of four stroking.

Re: Sachs Mods

nerdzilla NoPeds :( /

i got a 82 eagle 5051d toptank and planning on scrapping my stock bing carb out for a sha clone 15.15 and about to up to a estoril exhaust. whats erbody talkin about the "big" header? is that the intake manifold or exhaust. i know im gonna have to cut and weld my exhaust cause all ive been able to locate that will work without this is the snail style pipes, i dont like how they look even if they are supposed to be superior. also not into the reversed header. its seems risky to have the carb hangin out in front like that..... and i dont like the look of it. anyone with any help/prior experience???

Re: Sachs Mods

If you have a d engine chances are you have the big header. Its the top part of the exhaust pipe, apparently sachs made a big one for coolness and a smaller one for detuning 25mph bikes. I have never seen one, as my only sachs has a D, but apparently the inner diameter is smaller and the outer diameter is the same,making it impossible to tell without dropping the pipe and or d/conning the muffler from the header pipe, and measuring.

Re: Sachs Mods

i picked up a bigger sachs header a little bit ago and its got a bigger outer diameter and inner diameter and its kinda bigger all around. the small one is supossibly restricted.

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