Polini AV10 reeds

What's the skinny on different aftermarket reeds for the 4 petal polini intake? I am new to the reed valve thing and am curious about how the stock reeds are, and the advantages/disadvantages of the other options.

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

the 4 pedal polini intake adapter for av10 motors uses the same block as the puch (aka peugeot) polini 4 pedal adapter. They come with a rather thin set of reeds in them when you get it.

The stock reed block has riveted in reeds so u can't replace them w/o alot of work IMO don't to try and tap the rivet holes etc. so u can swap reeds, I've done it and its more trouble than its worth.

the metal reedblocks can sometimes crack and break I know of 2 occurrences of this happening on av10 polini 4 pedal adapter setups.

There is a "rubberized" polini 4 pedal reedblock that has screws so that one can replace the reed material but it cost another $50 or so on top of the original purchase, however if this is going to be your route you might as well spring for it or just go polini cases all the way and get the larger 4 pedal reed block that come with them.

as for reed material itself, a thinner material will provide better power in lower rpms while thicker material better power in higher rpms (provided your motor can pull them at lower rpms). Thats the basics there are different materials and boysen staged reeds etc. as well:

I prefer polini white carbon reed stock on my bikes but many other tuners feel its too thick, however if ur making alot of power these reeds will suit your setup better than stock blue reed stock.

I plan to run boysen reeds on my latest setup and or the v force reed block:

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

o advantages of the boysen is that they are supposed to provide better low rpm performance with the 1st stage and better high rpm performance with the second thicker stage.

and the v force... well that just speaks for itself really, for me the ability to swap out reed material is a must.

IMO stick with the stock material for now and start to mess around with reeds once ur confident with your setups performance as-is/

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

Damn, every time I see that v-force block, I drool. Then I see the price tag....

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

Where does the mythical white polini reed stuff come from? Is it a replacement reed for the AV10 reedblock? Is it a sheet that you have to cut your self? If so, how large of a sheet is it? How thick?

Whenever I Google it, RockRiver comes up first and then a couple of WTB ads from the buy/sell forum...The nice folks at rock river had no idea what I was talking about and mentioned that they would call Polini USA and call me back. Speaking of Polini USA is the only way to find anything on their site just to scroll thru every part# and read every description till you stumble upon what your looking for?

just wondering...

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Nevermind, the telephone is much better than the internets....got my answers

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

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Re: Polini AV10 reeds

newport on heatherette! /

av10 polini intake is NOT the same as puch/peugeot intake at all. different bolt pattern.

i think i'm gonna put my boysen reeds in soon. but WITH reed stops, i don't get why they don't come with them, thats probably why they get chomped all the time.

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

10x10x.33 and that the V force reed block is an incredible seat of the pants feelable difference over the normal 4 petal

Re: Polini AV10 reeds

lee i think the reed _block_ is the same thing as the puch/peugeot one, not the adapter, that's obviously different. but I could be wrong. If indeed they are differnt the size of the reeds are the same.

yeah the polini paper comes in square sheets and can be purchased from most reputable scooter shops. malossi also makes paper as do other companies i'm sure, i don't remember the thickness of the white stuff. And yeah u need to cut it yourself.

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