a55 high compression head


i was looking at this and it says it probably will work perhaps it will. i have a 70cc airsal kit on my a55. if anyone knows if itll work let me know thanks

Re: a55 high compression head

it will work .... the one guy i knewwho used it blew the kit........what carb are you using and whats your jetting if i might ask..............i have an Airsal 70cc on my 08 Arrow R .... stock 14mm PHVA jetted at 70, stock intake manifold, uni pod, tecno estoril, and 18t rear gear....... no a35 cdi yet..... and pushing 50 on the flats..... would love to hear more about how the kit runs on your LX....... mahalo

Re: a55 high compression head

no. correction. i blew the piston because of a pin and ring problem, not because of the high compression head. Hey rrk0206, give it a try. for 38 buck shipped couldnt hurt too much. I noticed slightly more torque thru out the powerband on the kittie . The only thing i didnt like was the fin pattern was too closely spaced. seems like it wont dissapate heat better than the airsal head.

But there are more fins...so i dunno bout that one. you can figure that one

Bu t since many kitted puchs have been using this same head for like forever, im sure it'll be alright

Re: a55 high compression head

I have a 17.5mm phva carb on there with a UNi filter and I gps at 46 I got the stock intake I'm trying to get someone to make me an intake and I have a 82 jet in there I should be getting the imperial blitz pipe from 77 in like 2 days and I'll see what my numbers will be

Re: a55 high compression head

whats your gearing like?? you need an ignition man!! even with the carb and pipe, you'll be hitting the same top speed without it. a55 is rev limited. But once you get the a35 cdi and intake manifold, you should be hitting 50+.

Re: a55 high compression head

27x20 i think thats stock on a tomos the front that is and what do i have to do to connect the a35 cdi and how does that make a difference? i no that its rev limited but i heard it limits at like 11,000 rpms and i dont think im that high

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