my cheesy mods

its just a cheap little pocket bike exhaust.It fit on realy good though! I havn't rode it yet (high of 35 degrees)but ill post some numbers when i do.


Re: my cheesy mods

thats my funky little air filter.OH Yeah does any one have any keinhin jets.


Re: my cheesy mods

Pablo Puchasso /

Looks cool dude!

Re: my cheesy mods

what pocket bike exhaust is it?

Re: my cheesy mods

its the cheapest one on flebay,free shipping too:)(but the shipping took forever,guess thats what you get for free.)

Re: my cheesy mods

that looks pretty cool . I hope it performs great for you . I am looking forward to your update . Did you have to cut and weld or bend it to make it work ? How is it mounted in the back ?

Re: my cheesy mods

right now its slip/clamp on(because i dont have access to a welder at the moment)i had to cut the new pipe down to desired length cut a little slit in it and it slid on pretty tight slapped a clamp on it,done.I used some light weight aluminum to make a mounting bracket.I need to make a better one to mount on the fender also.

Re: my cheesy mods

Hey thats cool, did you say "flebay" lol meaning Ebay? was your airfilter also the cheapest? What size is your sought after jet? I have the identical bike a 1982, without tuning it takes my178 lbs 29 mph, Any guess what will be the max? Also would like to try the exhaust tube on a few other hondas I have including a 78 Express and and a 1981 (i think) hobbit. Are all these parts compatible? Anybody?

Re: my cheesy mods

Oh I see it now , it just slips over the stock header . Cool . But I still dont see the mounting bracket .

How much was that pipe , and what key words did you use in your ebay search ? What company makes it .

Re: my cheesy mods

Thats how good i am. you cant even see my bracket.The pipe was 19.99.This pipe will fit the 77's and may need some tweekin.

Re: my cheesy mods

Re: my cheesy mods

just bought one, thanks Where did you get your airfilter? Where to go for a jet, What size is stock? what are you upjetting to?

Re: my cheesy mods

The air filter is a ebay also,stock jets are 85 i im going to get a 90 and a 95 and try those first.the air filter is for a 90/110cc china quad. 9.99 free shipping:)


well i went ahead and got the exhaust welded,drilled out my jet,and dropped my jet needle 2 spots and she fired up and sounded great.I took it around the block and got pulled over for not wearing my helmet and SPEEDING.He got me before i could even get topped out.He just said "speed limits 20mph you were doin' close to 30mph." I replied REALLY!:)

Re: update

haha, nice. i just ordered one of those exhausts too.

Re: my cheesy mods

yeah those cheap pocket bike pipes come in handy for mopeds but suck on the bikes they were designed for

Re: my cheesy mods

what size did you drill the jet to? i've got similar setup, but with a unipod, doesnt wanna run too well. i'm thinking because i may have mangled the jet when i drilled it?

Re: my cheesy mods

Drilling jets is a hard thing to do well . Buy honda jets in increments of 5 and adjust from there with air flow if you have to until you can tune your ass off .

Re: my cheesy mods

i cant seem to get any replies from the honda dealers when i email them about jets, i've tried locals & western hills, got any leads?

Re: my cheesy mods

can you take a pic of that mount you made for it?

Re: my cheesy mods


Deciding which main jets to buy to tune your carburetor can be a difficult task. You may not know what jet size would be a good starting point for your combination. Why buy a bunch of main jets based on a guess when you may not ever use them again? By drilling out your stock main jet to larger sizes you will be able to narrow down what jet size your carburetor needs.


#66 .66mm .02598" #71

#68 .68mm .02677"

#70 .70mm .02756" #70 @ .0280" 71.12 jet

#72 .72mm .02835" #69 @ .0292" 74.2 jet

#79 .79mm .0312" 1/32" @ .0312" 79.2 jet

#80 .80mm .03150" #68 @ .0310" 78.7 jet

#83 .83mm .03268" #66 @ .033" 83.8 jet

#89 .89mm .035" #65 @ .035" 89 jet

#91.5 .915mm .036" #64 @ .036" 91.5 jet

#96.5 .965mm .038" #62 @ .038" 96.5 jet

#101.5 1.015mm .040" #60 101.5 jet

#105 1.05mm .0415" #59 @ 1.06mm 106 jet

#110 1.10mm .043" #57 @ 1.11mm 111 jet

#115 1.15mm .0455"

#120 1.20mm .047" #56 @ 1.19mm 119 jet

#125 1.25mm .049"

#130 1.30mm .051" #55 @ 1.33mm 133 jet

#135 1.35mm .053"

#140 1.40mm .055" #54 @ 1.40mm 140 jet

Got a jewelers drill and the bits for 10.00 on E bay. Solder the old jet and redrill. Started with 2 jets and wrote down each step up.


Re: my cheesy mods

bump, any pics of how you mounted it?

Re: my cheesy mods

triker can u point me to a place you got that drill set for 10 bucks ? or was it just off a random person

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