options for motobecane forks?

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so before i start doing any work to either of my mobys, what i am doing first is going thru the various components to make sure that this thing won't turn into a big pile of fail when i start ripping. here are my options for the forks (cause they fucking suck!)

1) rebuild? but how would you do this? where could you get the various rubber gaskets that you would need, and would it even be worth it?

2) modify some other fork for use on a moby. i think this might be the best. i have a kinetic fork lying around in good shape, how hard would it be to modify it to work with a moby? or, alternatively, what other forks have people used, and what was required? in my search i discovered that peter used hobbit forks for his insane hardtail build, and other people have used sebring forks, or pug forks.

any BTDT advice would be super duper appreciated.


Re: options for motobecane forks?

i am told by peter (and have seen this done in quite a few instances) that you can use maxi ebrs (get these at treats) to pretty much bolt up to a moby. all you gotta do is cut a little bit off the head tube on the moby frame... i forget the exact amount but its not much. then the forks just bolt up...

then the only complication is getting the brake hub to fit... if you have a maxi one it will slip right into a moby wheel and you're set. if you have a moby one, you need to make slight modifications.

all just what im told here, never done it.

Re: options for motobecane forks?

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that sounds best. maxi forks are like 100 bucks from treats, totally reasonable. anyone have any more details?

Re: options for motobecane forks?

yea i was gonna do that myself but my finances didnt allow. 100 bucks is damn fair but i just dont have it..

instead i just cleaned up the races to my stock moby forks and called it a day... they were in pretty good shape to begin with anyways.

just looked it up... 3/4" off the bottom of the head tube. dunno if thats measured from the bottom or top of the bearing cup but after you figure that out all you'll need is a hacksaw. you'll need maxi fork hardware too, which you can either pull off a parts bike or get brand new at treats for circa 15 bucks. awesomeness again.

now not to threadjack.. but does anyone have any tips on how to reinstall stock moby forks? I can get em off like cake at this point but i cant get em back on!

Re: options for motobecane forks?

I hear that hobbit forks bolt right up. I have a pair waiting to go on my 40T. They are much beefier than the stock moby forks. Again though, you have to modify the forks to accept the brake hub, or get a hobbit front wheel. I am in the process of doing that modification. Hopefully I will start that tonight.


Re: options for motobecane forks?

Late 70s early 80s Garrelli forks work pretty well and are really lightweight easy to find and cheap.

Re: options for motobecane forks?

I didnt even look into finding them and I got a set on my fast moby, a set in my kitchen and a set under the stairs at the apartment building I live in!

Re: options for motobecane forks?

Yeah, I did the Hobbit forks on my Moby. Love them. Don't even need a stabilizer bar. Bolted right up.

I'm going to go with the EBRs though and convert to a Maxi brake assembly.

Re: options for motobecane forks?

Old post revisited....

Does anyone know how much needs to be cut off of the Moby head tube for a Maxi EBR fork to fit?

What sort of mods need to made to the Moby brakes to make this work? I can't switch to a Puch brake hub because I'm running 12 star Moby mags.


Re: options for motobecane forks?

...but you can run a moby rear brake plate in the front to use the brake tab.

as for the head, idk, measure?

Re: options for motobecane forks?

I'm running Maxi hydraulic EBR's on my Moby 7.

Re: options for motobecane forks?

I ran into sticky brakes with this setup (rear brake plate) because the brakes were essentially operating in reverse, and for some silly reason his causes them to stick when braking hard (lame). My solution:


You can also make your front brake plate work with some minor mods.

Hobbit forks are SO stable and CHEAP

Re: options for motobecane forks?


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