will this fit?

will this gas cable fit directly without modifications to my mikuni TM 24?

here is the picture


Will a original gas cable from husqvarna motocross cr 125 fit to my mikuni TM 24?

husqvarna uses Mikuni TMX carburetors which are also flatslide like Mikuni TM 24?

thanx for help

gas cable is the only thing that I am missing to assemble my gilardoni 75 puch kit

Re: will this fit?

oh and the name of this gas cable product on the picture is

Gaszug komplett Teflon KLEINER Nippel XL ...

the only word that is bothering me is KLEINER? will the nipple be to smal? thanx

Re: will this fit?

another picture of gas cable number 2


so wich one will fit

Re: will this fit?

Jure, you could take a cable from a bicycle and if the end stop is too large then use a file or grinder to make it to exactly the size you need.

Re: will this fit?

I just want to know if any of you guys who are using Mikuni TM 24 does any of you knows which gas cable will fit directly to TM 24 without any modifications and throttle knarp buying and so on?

is there any of the proper cables on scooter-center.com??

Re: will this fit?

derbeez ryderz /

just use a bicycle cable like steve said and make the small end go in the slide. buy a mini knarp (you can get these at motorcycle shops sometimes) and make it any length you want.

there probably isn't a "proper" cable for a puch throttle to go to a 24mm carb.

Re: will this fit?

so if I understand the knarp is not going into the slide ( throttle valve of the carburetor) BUT into the throttle assembley on the handelbar( gas griff)

That was my main problem, beacuse I did not know which end goes where

So the small end can stay the same as is in puch or tomos cables?

Re: will this fit?

can someone please just answer to me if the knarp that I have to buy separate is not going into the carburetor slide ( throttle valve of the carburetor) BUT into the throttle assembley on the handelbar( gas griff)


Re: will this fit?

the narp goes into the throttle twist.

the small end goes into the carb and pulls the slide up and down

Re: will this fit?

Do I have to take apart the carburetor to put the small end into the slide?

Is it possible to mount the small end and not taking apart the carb?


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