Moby throttle mod...

In the process of restoring my moby I put on an sha 15.15, and continued on my way, working on other stuff. I've been getting the rest of it tuned up and wondering why the engine doesn't seem to make quite enough power. Duh, I forgot to dremel out the throttle, opps.

Only problem is I don't have a dremel.

and. holy shit the engine is attached to the bike via the cylinder head! That's so f## weird!

Re: Moby throttle mod...

the head-mounted engine works great - you'll get used to it.

get a round file, if you're too cheap to get a dremel or have no friends that posess one.

Re: Moby throttle mod...

matching the cylinder to your intake will also make a huge different. get a dremel and a good bit and do both of these things. right now like half the fuel passing through that intake is crashing into a wall.

a dremel is very convenient in many ways, especially when you own a moped. def consider picking one up.

Re: Moby throttle mod...

Yeah - I'm spoiled. Dremels are great! But if you DON'T have one, you're not screwed. A good round file to do the job should be what, 10 bucks?

Re: Moby throttle mod...

I picked up two proper files from harbor freight for $1.99 each. I used them for cleaning up the casting on the 19mm intake.

That said, a dremmel is $40-50. And well worth the investment.

Re: Moby throttle mod...

Jay, I haven't taken apart the engine yet so I'm not familiar with this. Do you mean the intake on the case... right underneath where the intake manifold sits, or do you mean one of the ports in the cylinder?

thanks.... yeah, dremeling, I'm just afraid of fucking stuff up, and I don't know what kind of bits to use and stuff.

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