Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

Has anyone tuned an amal carb on the reed valve athena puch kit.


Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

where do you get jets? ive been thinking about using one on my eurocylindro kit

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

Possibly helpful:

Had one on a polini kitted minerelli.

Nothing I ever did to the carb affected how the bike ran

(beside the idle screw). Including going from a 55 to a 60 main jet.

It was my first moped and just played with stuf on the carb to try to learn but it never mattered. It just always ran great.

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

I can get them speclal ordered and air filters I think.

Thanks Joseph. Anyone I know that has used one or seen them say the same thing. "Just put it on there and it runs." Seems strange to me.

The jets are weird they come in intervals of five. Does anyone know if the athena reed block and gilardoni are the same? They look like it.

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

have you ran the kit yet?bottom is your air mix.start by turn it in all the way.turn it out 2 and half out.run it ,check your plug.in to lean it,out to make it rich.also you can shim the needle ,by the c clip.jets are the last thing you change with this carb.

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

For jets...

I took the main jet and ground the hex head almost completely off. To the point where I could barely get a wrench on there to tighten it down. I then drilled it out and threaded it to fit a delloto jet inside it. Basically you use the stock jet as a sleave to hold a dellorto jet.

It worked great until I kitted up and got a 21mm phbg.

These carbs are tempromental. Takes a bit to tune them. But once you do they are great and very easy to make slight adjustments on the fly with ehe mixture screw.

good luck

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

What does the larger screw do than?

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

Vic's 65mph Derbi has a 15mm Amal on it. I have no idea how it works. I just assume it runs on magic. But if he doesn't answer here, you should shoot him an email.

Re: Tuning that Amal carb on Puch

can you get choke slides? i dont know where mine is

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