Treats are on the way :)

Baltard Drought /

peugeot 103 moped ninja G3 performance pipe TSM TSA

Dellorto PHBG 19.5mm AS carburetor moped 50 puch cobra

peugeot 103 moped 18 - 21 mm phbg intake

peugeot 103 moped MALOSSI special toothed belt

Clear fuel line 3/16ths 6mm gas moped 50cc puch 2 feet

peugeot 103 moped malossi 70cc cast iron cylinder kit

Dellorto jets 92,94,96,98

Can't WAIT to have this thing out and running fast.

Re: Treats are on the way :)

Baltard Drought /

Also, I'de just like to throw it out there, that Benji from treats is actually the nicest guy and I DEFINITELY would buy from them again, and will. Great dudes at treats!

Re: Treats are on the way :)

jeezus you treated yourself for xmas holy crap. Lay this all out on a table and take a pic when you get the boxes open. Like some kind of moped porn shot.

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