Who Can Build My Magnum Motor

Hello and thanks for reading my post. I just purchased a 1978 Magnum MK2. The bike was adult owned and in BEAUTIFUL condition. It has 3000 miles on it and its all totally complete and all stock. The bike will do about 28 MPH tops. I need this bike to go around 40 MPH. Is there anybody out there I can send the motor to who can build it for me to give me some BALLS? Not looking for 60 MPH just enough speed to keep up with traffic on a 35 MPH roadway. Whos the best motor head out there? Thanks Ricky

Re: Who Can Build My Magnum Motor

1977 mopeds SF http://www.1977mopeds.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?display=home

give us a call, we have the most professional and knowledgeable Puch motor builder working at the shop. Any build is possible.

Re: Who Can Build My Magnum Motor


Seriously, with some time and effort, you can build the engine you want.

If, however, you do want to just pay someone to do it. I'd have to rep my branch and say that Devin Biek at Motion Left Mopeds in Elkhart, Indiana is your man. Though I have no doubt in my mind that 1977 would do you right as well.

Re: Who Can Build My Magnum Motor

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shit bring it up to toledo with the parts ill do it in a few. just buy me some dinner and we can call it even.

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