Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

If I was going to put a Magnum swingarm on a Maxi to be able to run wider tires, would I in turn need to also run a longer rear shock? Anything else I would have to think about to make this work?

Re: Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

really honk? if you search your exact thread title "Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?" you come up with a couple threads about this.

you search "magnum swingarm maxi" you get a shit ton of threads and replies.

why do you think it's there?

Re: Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

Actually Dean, I did search before posting the original message. All of the other posts just discuss using a Magnum swingarm for a larger tire which I was already very clear on.

What I asked was, do you have to use a longer rear shock to accomodate that change in swingarm because I was under the impression that Maxi's had shorter shocks than Magnums. And I also asked about any other factors that you have to adjust for when switching swingarms.

I am very stupid, so if for some reason I wasn't able to fully understand the other posts that you were alluding to, please send me a link.

Thanks again.

Re: Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

I can tell you that you can use maxi size shocks if you like but as for chain alignment I can't comment. I know a swingarm swap made in reverse works so I guess we could say with reasonable certainty that all would be well

Re: Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

there is a thread that happened like a week ago (it's in the search results) where it was discussed what was needed to be done to use the swing arm. you have to either cut the rear fender, or unbolt the shocks to get the rear wheel on.

Re: Magnum swingarm on a Maxi?

Does not work, sell the swingarm to me!

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