2.75 on Maxi

Anyone try to put 2.75" diameter tires on a Maxi? Any ideas how? I know I'll need a fatter swingarm, would a magnum's work?

Lookin' to go fat.

Re: 2.75 on Maxi

Yes, a Magnum swingarm would work, or the aftermarket chrome plated square blocky looking one. One from a Freespirit I was told today.

Re: 2.75 on Maxi

Will not work with front fender.

Magnum/Freespirit swing arm will be needed.

Re: 2.75 on Maxi

PrincipeIgnoto /

I don't have a front fender. EBR and stabilizer. But if I get a magnum swingarm, I can do it?

Re: 2.75 on Maxi

yes w/ new swingarm

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