Its a squeeaker!

So i just but my k-star back together and before i did i sprayed some carb cleaner on it. then I put oil on the piston and rubbed some in the cylinder.

When I turned it over it was all squeeky kinda weird... I started it and it went away after like 20 seconds.

what could this be?

Also i champfered ports even more...and now ive got 3 base gaskets. and when I reve it up with no load it kinda makes a weird pop just randomly on the down rev...

what could be going on how do I play with timeing?

Is 3 base gaskets bad?

Re: Its a squeeaker!

i think your timing is screwy and your back firing

may be from all the gaskets

Re: Its a squeeaker!

damn..but the squeaking? what caused it, i guess i shuold probly lose a gasket..any one with k star really sure cylnder hits head? im not sure it really does, i think alluminum just kinda sounds ringy..

Re: Its a squeeaker!

My aluminum polini kit def sounds 'ringy' compared to my cast metra.

Re: Its a squeeaker!

Oh, and I don't understand the 3 gaskets thing at all.

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