messin w/ base gaskets, puch

so, i hear thinning this big fat base gasket out might make a little more low end. anybody got any thoughts on this?

i'm working on an unkitted e50 with a 3shoe clutch 14mm bing w/ 76jet and hiflo filter, leovince pipe. it engages pretty high but it's still so wimpy.

it has no head gasket, higher comp head. the jug is one of those ones that isn't painted black and has the big non round intake hole.

the gears are stock, but it's not the gearing, it goes slow slowly it's KILLING ME!!!

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

sounds like youre super rich. try like a 72 or a 70

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

Gunther McCilicutty /

yeah..I kinda got the same set up and I am runnng a 70.

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

i am at zero elevation, it's a little rich right now, no 4 strokey tho, it has one of the foam filters from treats, the colored ones. sometimes i just go naked.

i just have a gap in my jet collection. 70 to 78 right now

its really been this way from the begining with this bike, it just hates me. runs great starts every time, never stalls, only 600 miles on it. but it just wont go more than 30 and takes 10 minutes to get there.

never messed with the base gasket tho...

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

putting in more base gaskets makes your timing LONGER. That reduces torque. run no base gasket for maximum torque.

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

bigger base gaskets allow better porting naturally, but less comp. and you must advance timing all the way, you should advance regardless with a stock jug and down jet lean running is cool on stockish bikes


Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

thank you sir. no gasket at all? i'll probably put some foil in there.

i'll make sure the piston clears the plug. is there anything else potentially dangerous to look out for when doing this?

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

I'd use some yamabond, or other non hardening gasket material for the base of the barrel. Or something like notebook paper. Paper compresses a lot better than foil does and will create a seal.

Actual gasket material is pretty stout stuff.

Re: messin w/ base gaskets, puch

thanks dudes, im' gonna get this e50 to do like 39, then im gonna build a big kit motor on my hardtail frame, i got a maxi and a newport that are mostly stock, the newport's got a za which is awesome, black head, weird crown ring piston, 14mm bing w/66 jet, derestricted stock airbox, custom pipe. it goes close to 40, i want the maxi to keep up. i bought this 77 snoflake maxi practically new

(300 original miles) it is so freakin sexy, everything about it rules, but it's so fuckin slow. my bmx is quicker.

thanx again!

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