Best kit for Korado?

I've read somewhere that the Gila kit matches up best with the Korado bottom end...Is this true?

Re: Best kit for Korado?

yeah but requires case boring+rebuild.

whatcha doing with that stock top end?

Re: Best kit for Korado?

Throwing it on my slow-ped...

This one is a points, pedal version.

I'll be selling an entire 12 volt kickstart Korado E50 soon with CDI, entire electrical system, hand controls, etc...

Re: Best kit for Korado?

Damn I could of swore someone said the ports match up perfect...

Re: Best kit for Korado?

they will be close, any of the big bore 75cc+ kits have large transfers like the a55 and korado, but still require a boring so that the cylinder sleeve wiill fit.

transfers will match, use any other smaller kit, and it wont require

any porting

Re: Best kit for Korado?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Best kit for Korado?

I will take that kickstart bottom end as soon as you're ready to sell it; please let know.

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