hobbit leovince jetting?

Howdy, does anybody know what jet I should use on a stock hobbit with just a leovince pipe? Also, I'd like to know where i can buy said jet. Thanks very much!

Re: hobbit leovince jetting?

Raymond Rexroad /

the wiki tells you where to buy it.


the "spreadsheet" suggests what you should use.


Re: hobbit leovince jetting?

sorry i'm at work, want to get some info ready but can't search through the whole site. anyway, thanks!

Re: hobbit leovince jetting?

you might be able to get away with running the stock jet, honda usually jets their stuff rich from the factory. you can get new jets from the honda shop but be sure to call in to make sure they can get you the number you want- if not you'll need to get a very small drill bit and drill the jet out by hand.

there is a section in the wiki about converting drill bit numbers to jet numbers.

just try it and do a couple plug chops to see how you're running

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