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ok guys, so i'm in the process of rebuilding an a35 and adding a alukit from treats. I was thinking of case matching it but haven't ever done one before and wanted to know the pros and cons of case matching. I understand better flow but if someone could give me a little more insight that would be great.

Oh and before someone yells SEARCH at me, i've been searching and reading since 8 am and thought this might be an easy way to get some of the ideas in one thread for reference.

Thanks in advance

Re: case matching

The only con is that it take time and effort to do it right.

Pros are everything else. Speed, reliability, etc.

Re: case matching

do it.

dont get shavings in the motor.

and dont go to far.

Re: case matching

takes 15 min of prep. 15 minutes of actual work, 15 minutes to put back together (topend). a 6 pack of beer, dremel, playdoh, ceran wrap and a can of compressed air/or compressor if you have one.

its worth it.

Re: case matching

but are there any negative effects from not case matching when adding a kit?

Re: case matching




Re: case matching

Ummm, have you looked at the alukit? The ports are TINY. No need to match.

Re: case matching

Tommy, i'm still waiting on it to come in, it should be here today, so nope haven't seen it first hand to compare. I was just trying to get a game plan together beforehand. Thanks i'll take a better look at it when it comes in.

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