Korado cyilnder prices?

Hey guys. Just curious, how much do you guys pay for a korado cylinder?

Re: Korado cyilnder prices?

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I think justin sold some awhile back, complete and basically new for I wanna say 100ish. They are probably the 2nd best 50cc cylinder you can buy. Just don't break your piston!

Re: Korado cyilnder prices?

zack what do you think the best 50cc is? (ona side note, you want that flyhweel?) i belive justins sold for 150-170ish a piece for a complete top end. but like said they were like new. i've seen them go much cheaper though too.

Re: Korado cyilnder prices?

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yea I want the flywheel, but I'm waiting for a dude to paypal me some cash. Too many projects running me dry!

I would say the best 50cc is simply the a35 reed top end. Tons of potential with 4 petals and porting (not so fun on cast iron) and all that. My brother's is doing about 45 right now with a 4-petal and porting, but hes got air leaks galore and not tuned on his tomos. My friend had one nicely ported, 2 petal, 17 phva and a custom pipe that did 45 no problem on stock gearing on an e50 with tons of power to spare. It would do 55+ if it were geared out.

That said, the korado is a nice cylinder. I feel they lack in the intake just because there isn't a ton of room to open it up in the cylinder and where the intake actually bolts up. The stock exhaust port is super minature. Despite that, I ran a non-ported one up to 50 with an 8p and some tall gearing. It had very little power, but it got there. I'm sure with some tuning and porting they can do 50 with good all around power. I'll probably try and get there on a za50 with a bored bing and a custom pipe later in the spring.

TCCD is also an awesome kit. It sucks as off the line, but I've yet to try one with a phbg. I feel like that would breath life into the kit. They are basically seize-proof and go forever. My friend's was rocking a 12 bing and an estoril and it cruised at 40-45 and survived 200 miles of WOT from cupertino to sacramento. If you get a TCCD, you MUST run an estoril. They are built for one another.

I haven't heard much about the 50cc metra, but I imagine its solid, and I've heard the 50cc Athena reed-valve is also a quality kit. Harold was rocking one of them at the LA rally and I think he said it got him to 50 on a heavy magnum with no low end. I'm sure it would be a ripper on a maxi or something light and with shorter gearing. Theoretically 50cc's should rev higher than 70 (or at least in the french world), so a lot can be done. Even stock cylinders can be opened up like crazy before there are any adverse effects on lowend.

Too much info!

Re: Korado cyilnder prices?

i sold my korado cylinder for 30 bucks

and my korado cases for 75.

im not greedy

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