Tomos A3 Modding

So I have a '90/91 Bullet A3 that is all stock and begging to scoot. My dellorto 14.12 is shot so I need a new carb for my short 18mm intake. I am looking at the 15.15, will it work with my stock manifold and is there any gains? Next I am looking at that lil cute Jarmacol (yeah ive read the threads) because I can't afford a bullet. Then I'd like a UNI to eliminate my inframe airbox.

So here's the questions: (hopefully I can get them all answered)

1. 15.15 work on stock, short 18mm mani?

2. 15.15 gains from 14.12?

3. Jarmacol and sigh or Bullet and cry?

4. What size UNI for Dellorto carb?

5. What jet range for 15.15 w/ pipe

And should I port the intake since I opened up the mani?

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