a55 airsal 70cc

I was wonder about how this kit ran, and if it's worth the $175 dollors im paying for it.

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Re: a55 airsal 70cc

a-55..... they are the worse... when you buy the air-sal kits they include head and everything... but you would need to figure out how to make an intake and a bigger carb to work with it.... recent diagnostics have read me to think the intake tuning length is to long... shorter intake/bigger/ and bigger carb.... will add a better running kit... also the bi turbo are not i repeat are NOT MADE FOR the A-55 what so ever! so there expansion chambers are not made to the engine... nor a speed kit.... best results are with tecnigas pipe...

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

Hmm, don't listen dan. he doesn't seam to know what he is talking about. this kit IS meant for the A-55 and there is a biturbo and technigas pipe available for it too. i have installed a bunch of these kits on 2008 tomos a-55 with great success. even with stock intake and carb, you will easily be going 40mph. ad a pipe and rear sprocket and you will be going at least 45, and you will get there like a rocket shit!!!!

@ DAN newmetal84: please make sure you know what you are talking about before giving people incorrect information. this is the second post in which you have massacred the english language in an attempt to help someone.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

wow i would have never thought that id be on moped army and within a few couple minutes people are already ridiculing things ive posted... and I have many years in experience with tomos speed kits... sure someone might not know something but its for us to help people out... and no bi turbo s and the tecnigas ARE NOT made for the new A-55... do the math with and the bi turbo and tecnigas are off by substantial margins.... they rushed production and just bent the headers to fit the A-55 heads.... yes they will work... doing 40... sure why why the fuck not... but with added knowledge on the REAL matter is to help the two stroke from idle/mid/top ranges... not all top end... i rest my case

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

Dan is right, the Technigas pipe doesnt really fit, There is no rear bracket so you have to fab one up. Its not that hard though.

Then the pipe hits the stand.

The A55 needs a lot of development.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

Anyone who says the a55 needs development is a moron. Its easily the best stock motor ever.

Sean from myrons mopeds is doing over 50 on a stock a55, and all he has done is shortened the stock header, made a custom fairing out of garbage cans, and switched to the a35 cdi.

So you, needs a lot of development.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

lol dude, there's brand new models of the Biturbo and the tech that are bolt up for the a55.

the a55 arisal kit is again, specifically for the a55.

ask someone that's installed one, or more such as zachlee.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

Ok guys you can go on about it... need development... but you've all added something to the motor... so i don't want to hear you guys going on about how it doesn't need development.... yes sure different timing would make a difference..... because it is a reed valve less motor ... which will turn more RPM s..... so sure ive made an a-55 go fast...its a two stroke.....but a stock moped will not go 10000 miles without a clutch breaking or seize.... the A-35 was a better motor,,,..a better motor in my eyes is something you can bolt on and make it fast... not something you have to take out your welder... pipe bender... and multi meter to figure out tomos is lazy and made a new top end and left everything on old specs...

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

BULL FUCKING SHIT on an A55 not going 10k without fucking shit up.

I know of 2 dead stock A55s that have over 9k miles on them. Each are less than 1 year old. Both are still running strong and haven't had a single problem.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

this dan guy is a newb. My tomos a55 is fucking awesome. newbster.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

ok guys im not going to argue over a moped... its a moped... it has pedals.... its different.... so stop getting all up in arms over an opinion.... what does it matter?....

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

false information to the people!

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

i call bullshit.... tomos is going to be taken up on a lemon law with A-55.... the on/off switches burn out.... the counter shafts diameter was made to small.... and they leak regardless on the rear wheel(the dutch company Koper made a nut with washer to put on the end of the counter shaft where the sprocket bolts on and they still leak) you cant expect much out of tomos when there mother company makes fucking power tools... Facts? yup... the tabs on the new swing arms of all tomos models break.....have you seen the wire harnesses on the new mopeds? they change with every shipment... the delorto float bowl seals leak... the intake bolts will back out.... i can continue to go on with all the problems tomos has had with the new a-55... why would i give false info... wouldn't that be me saying i pee in my oil and i run baby lotion in my trans for lighter rotating mass....

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

really? i had none of those problems.

heres what im doing any way


benessar reverse pipe

20mm intake

20mm deloroto

22t rear sproket.

ported and case matched.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

cant forget the a35 stator either.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

stock everything except

foam filter

22 tooth rear


performance bullet headlight/speedo

40 mph easy with tons of low-end., 45 mph when my wife rides it.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

this kit works great on puch too. Its actually 72cc and fits e50/za50 with no griding of the case required. Exhaust port has the same angle as metra, gila and parma. Apparently there is a garelli intake that bolts right up, otherwise make your own. Its not that hard.

A55 seem solid to me.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

im running steady 45 with this kit a biturbo (which im switching to a technigas soon) 22 rear sprocket might get a 20 uni filter and 17.5mm carb with stock intake. i might throw my 65 metra on it and see how it runs but im not sure how to do that.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

i know I already have an intake made. took a while to get it at the right angle though. And i might look at that technigas soon. I like them but they have a high power band, cause im looking for a bit more mid range.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

yea im looking for an intake i might fill the holes and make new holes for a intake maybe even try puttin reeds on them? but my lowend its pretty weak it bogs

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Re: a55 airsal 70cc

idk just forget about that post.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

ok Dan A i dont need you to admit anything, but you came off pretty strong bashing what I believe is the best 50cc automatic engine in the USA.

i agree with you a few subjects I.E.

if unchecked vibrations will loosen a number of nuts and bolts on any tomos like the intake bolts ive seen that, shocks everything needs to be checked the first 1000 miles and after performance upgrades like any other moped that hasent gone thru a break in before. and the chain guard does suck i welded mine twice but it kept braking off. also the stock CDI is AWESOME for low RPMS because it Auto Advances like 15-20 degrees but is Rev limited at like 8k rpms, switch to the a35 cdi and flywheel and you knock it back to like 10 or 11k rpms

this engine makes somthing around 2.5 Hp stock im not positive the exact brake horse power but the cylinder is extremely well ported like Korado well ported -minus the boost port

the tomos black wheel of death is somthing else im afraid my seal is good. but brake dust and chain grime is what grossed out my mags.

my tomos did a honest quick 40mph stock when i changed the rear sprocket to a 24 best 12 dollors i ever spent.

i tell people if you want somthing fast and reliable just get a TOMOS.

im going on 6ooo miles on my tomos. only times i broke down were cuz of my airsal kit failing hard.

oh and they do make pipes for the a55, have you ever gotten a pipe besides the a35 bi-turbo that actually bolted up?

kit works with stock intake too. and its at like a 14.5mm bore.


Re: a55 airsal 70cc

I guess I am a moron then. There is a lot more done to shawns bike than that.

Re: a55 airsal 70cc

he has a 75cc metra kit, 31X20 gearing that alone is gonna rape.

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