what bore kit is best for the a55

i am going to need a new piston anyway and i have my cylinder and head off already to replace the driveshaft thinking i would finally put the bigbore kit on i have been wanting. but which one is the most durable for the a55 engine. is the 67 cc kit better than the 70 cc? they are both airsal. or is there another choice for it a different brand name maybe? a kit that wont let the piston shed metal and score up the piston and cylinder? or should i buy the big bore piston seperatly from the kit for a better quality piston? write back if you have any experience with this problem please....ron

Re: what bore kit is best for the a55

in case you are wondering i have an 05 streetmate with a 22 rear sprocket and a new 27 for the front coming in the mail with a unipod speed kit consisting of a bigger main jet and a bigger infuser with the needle raised one notch on the carb and a hogged out factory airbox to keep it quiet with more airflow. runs 338 to 40 on flat ground with the 26 at present.

Re: what bore kit is best for the a55


best kits for a55 are the gila metra and parma these reguire rebuilding the engine and boring out the case sleeve.

the case has huge transfers, so any puch or tomos kits is bolt on, its just a matter of how you run your intake cuz its pretty tight in there. also you have alot of transfer on the case so porting the cylinder is gonna help out.

me personally im going for a gila.


Re: what bore kit is best for the a55

thanks for the suggestion. i dont really want to make any case mods if i can help it. i was hoping for something that would just bolt on and last

Re: what bore kit is best for the a55

then what you want is the easiest not the best =P

Re: what bore kit is best for the a55

regurdless any kit will not require anything to the case exept bolting it on as long as its made for a puch or tomos.

and if you dont want to do nething to it at all, get the a55 airsal kit that way you can use the same exhaust and intake your running now.

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