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Hi-I just joined and being unemployed I am looking for projects to keep my mind busy without spending money. I had to quit building a Lotus 7 from scratch and turn to something free so here I am. I have a 70 cc Chinese 2-stroke in an old Schwinn cruiser with a retrofit front springer on which I mounted a caliper brake. It is a Gru Bee, or China Girl, or Happy Time. I think building a chamber would be a fun project. I did a bunch back in the 70's as well as half-mile and scrambles steel shoes. I need the dimensions for one if anybody has them, as well as head pipe and stinger length/diam. Also, I could use port window mods, etc for that particular engine. If I knew a for-sure name for it I would search your archives in case someone has already posted what I need. Please be patient with me on that score. Directions rather than flack is what I would prefer.


Keith Williams

Re: expansion chamber info

As much as most of us would like to help you, this website is dedicated mostly to vintage mopeds produced in the 70's and early 80's.

We don't deal with chinese 2 stroke junk here unfortuntaly.

Although there are a few other internet forums I have found that would maybe interest you.


Re: expansion chamber info

kieth is obviously trying to distract himself from freaking depression & somebody takes their moped too seriously

I do agree with andy on the website for the question

there is allot more info there on pipes & some freeware as well as some cheap software for calculating the angles & lengths

be nice andy :-)

have a great weekend all


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