Kitted motors lifespan?

1.Whats the average reliability of a kitted E50, im talking maybe a metrakit 65cc.

2. Whats the best kit to go 50 max?

3. Whats the mileage of a kit in #2

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

50 can and has been achieved on the stock cylinder. i have no clue how but people have done it. also reliability all matters on how much of a perfectionist you r when putting the motor together and tuning it.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?


Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

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Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

if you build it right it should last your life time

my train of thought is that the bigger CC kits can live longer than smaller CC.

if you run stock you are running wide open most all the time and loading down when you hit them big hills,throttle wide open but barley moving .time to help the motor with the peddles.

my 65cc kits are fast but same thing as stock im running wide open going fast but again wide open/high RPM. and once again when i hit them monster long hills it boggs down to a stop,time to peddle again.

when you get my age you dont like to peddle as much.

with my Gila monster i dont need to peddle or run wide open to run with traffic,infact you cannot run wide open unless you want a traffic ticket and ped impounded.

before i put a gila monster on my puch i was limited to where i could travel because we have nothing but hills and valleys here in this part of ohio now i have true freedom because of my kit i can blast hills.

now if you live in the flat lands its another story.but even on the flat lands i just have to crack the throttle 1/4 and im at my speed limt.

my theory is that the lower the RPM the longer the engine life .

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?


Think about this, if you are going the same speed you are going the same RPM, the only thing really different is throttle position.

X RPM = 35mph, because its a constant gear ratio on most bikes, variators excluded. I feel like the same RPM = the same wear, no matter if you are wide open or if you are 1/4 throttle. The difference does come in manufacturing parts, some are obviously much better than OEM, some are much much worse, but for reliable, you just can't beat stock.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

all i know is that my kitted peds are very reliable ,they start every time,i go deep into the backwoods and they get me back out. winter,spring,summer or fall my kitted moped does it all.

old stock ped verse a ped with a kit? the old stock ped has 30yrs of wear and tear ,sure you can rebuild a stock ped but if your going to do that why not increase your CC?

no replacement for displacement

just gotta build them right.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

no he is saying that if you have a stock bike running at 30mph, WOT and 7000 rpm (no clue on rpm just throwin numbers out to get the point accross) it will be working a lot harder than a kitted bike that is going 30mph at 1/4 throttle at 4000-5000 rpms. its all because the rpms are lower on a kitted bike.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

thanx robby

thats what i was trying to say but failed lol

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

But as RJ said, thats not true. If youre going 30, on a single speed bike, your engine is turning the same RPMs regardless of displacement.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

The lifespan of a 2 stroke is directly related to the RPM you run it at, the jetting, and temperature it's run at.

If you want more power, with the same lifespan, you want to add displacement. And you want to change the gearing, so the motor is turning the same rpm at top speed.

Poor jetting causes the motor to run hot. Or cold ;-) Depending on how badly you go in which direction. Don't overheat the motor.

With more displacement, your motor will last longer between needing to be re-ringed. Larger motors can leak more, before the compression falls off enough to affect running. (this is why I buy 250cc dirtbikes instead of 125's)

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

if you kit a bike and then put a higher gear ratio on it by switching sprockets then yes the engine rpm is lower for a given speed then when it was stock.

on my bike i have a kit and a smaller rear sprocket. thus i can travel at 30 to 35 mph at a much lower rpm then i could with stock gearing and stock engine. i do believe this is putting less wear and tear on the engine. i can still blast ass up hills maintain 35 and the same lowered rpm.

i am however only human and when im sitting on 90cc's and a 21mm delorto carb i tend to blast around at much higher speeds and rpm then the engine was designed for so in that case it probably shortens the life of internal bearings and such.

but bearings are easy to replace.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

90cc? What setup is that?

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

minarelli v1 with a 90cc imperial

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

kits are just a good as stock reliability comes with experience. take you time and you will love your life.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

listen to the woman.

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

Could you tell me what is a Gila monster kit is? I'm looking some ideas for a good brand of engine kit for my Tomos Lx. Thanks

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

Giladorni 80cc Kit designed for Puchs although it CAN be compatible with A35 engines.

Although for a first time kitter, I would not recommend 80cc as you would have to bore out your case among other things you have to mod/fab for it to work.

Look into tried and true a35 kits like k-stars and what not

Re: Kitted motors lifespan?

the increase in power and heat kills your crank and gears faster but most mopeds don't kill their crank or gears first because we don't do as high compression or hp as say a racing 2 stroke but have only slightly lower strength of parts .

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