has anyone tried it? Good places to have do it? and cost?

Sorry thats cryogenics


Re: Sorry thats cryogenics

Re: crygenics does it, never tried it, although have thought about it numerous times.


Re: crygenics

Don't do it on an iron lined alloy cylinder, the liner might crack. I had this problem.

Re: crygenics

it should work on a straight cast iron cylinder thought right?, Somewhere I heard of people who used to have to rebuild their vintage cart motors every 5 or 6 cart races, and after they used this process the engines would never need to be re ringed, honed or surfaced.

Re: crygenics

yeah should work real well on that. WPC works really good for incresing life as well. I use both processes on car motors.

Re: crygenics

I don't see the benefits for mopeds. Shit will last longer, that's proven, but we (moped owners in general) tend to take our engines apart just to change things up pretty frequenlty. Unless you're going for 100,000 miles or turning a VW engine into a 2332 monster for a daily commute then it's a waste of time IMO.

I thought about doing this on my Metra 80 build but decided not to after talking to some shops.

Re: crygenics

Also, this dude is a cryogenics whore. There's info on his forums about his hands on research.

Re: crygenics

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