de-restricting a stock pug exhaust

So this is my exhaust which many of you are familiar with. I have a question about de-restricting it. Some have said removing that entire plate can yield up to 5 mph, and since i have no money for a new pipe right now that sounds mighty good. HOWEVER others have simply drilled which makes some sense too.

My question is IF i remove the entire plate how do i screw the cap back on? it seems that the screw which holds the cap on is attached solely to that plate. Would i be JB welding this thing?

thanks in advance.

Re: de-restricting a stock pug exhaust

get one of these. way better low end.

Re: de-restricting a stock pug exhaust

Well check it out. There doesn't seem to be one expert on this (probably because the real experts ditch all the stock shit and throw on a kit). Based on the model, your exhaust will be different. Mine was from 1978, and by then they made it so you couldn't remove the baffle, so I had to drill holes in mine.

Yours' looks different but I can't really tell. All I know is I was having one hell of a time removing that baffle, so if you are too, it doesn't come out, just drill holes.

If you're going to keep running stock, you might consider ordering one of those new sito stock exhausts from 1977. They're the same design, but not restricted. They only cost about $40 or so.

Re: de-restricting a stock pug exhaust

thanks for the advice andy pretty sure i can't remove it i may have to drill me some holes. mine is a 77 by the way. i dont intend to keep it stock in fact i really want to upgrade the crap out of this thing but i spent most of my money just getting it running. so in the mean time while i save up im gonna do some slight mods to keep it quick. thanks!

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