65 metra wont idle

i just got it started today but it wont idle. it runs good. i got an 80 jet in there. ill check the timing if you think thats what it might be but anyone got any other suggestions? also on my carb a 19 PHBG the air screw seems to fall out. when i race it up it seems to come lose. whats the cause of that?

Re: 65 metra wont idle

The cause of all your problems is you're rushing through everything!!

Just throw your shit away so we dont have to look at these threads anymore!

Re: 65 metra wont idle

No idle = air leak

If your ped is vibrating so much that the air screw falls out, your doing it wrong.

Re: 65 metra wont idle

ok thanks jon ill check for airleaks and see how it goes and thanks tony for being a dick

Re: 65 metra wont idle


Re: 65 metra wont idle

you have an airleak

your starting with a pretty small main jet to begin with for breakin

check and find that airleak

Re: 65 metra wont idle

If you've got a PHBG, you might want to change your idle jet. But I would concur that you need to slow down. PHBG's are a bitch to tune the first time.

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