Baseline jetting recomendations

I need some help. The bike is a Tomos ST with an A55 engine. I am going to run a heavily ported A55 65cc Airsal Cylinder (which is a piece of crap btw) with a custom Intake Manifold with a 19mm Dellorto PHBG carb. The pipe is going to be a Techigas, there is no rev limiter.

Does anyone have a general idea what the base jetting should be? I am thinking somewhere between a 75-80 main jet.

Now that I have worked on the Airsal Cylinder I don't think I like it. Very poor quality very porous casting, less cooling fins than stock. When porting kept breaking through to big gaping cavities in the casting which had to be filled up with JB weld. Lots of core shift in port locations, etc.

Transfers were off by around .040" which is huge. These things probably don't run consistently.

If anyone has any jetting baseline ideas, let me know.


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