Copper intake sizes?

well i sort see a problem with this copper intake idea they sell copper tubing in inches and carbs in mm these 2 only line up at 26mm, and 1in or 13mm and 1/2in i want a 20mm carb (cheapest i could find) so would i get 3/4 inch copper tubing and be a bit small or get 1 inch and open up my carb a little?

Re: Copper intake sizes?

John Joedicke /

3/4 if thats how you are doing it.

Re: Copper intake sizes?

what kind of carb is it?

if its a 20mm Dellorto rubber mount carb, a 1 inch piece of tubing will work fine. the outside of the spigot thing on the outside of those is almost exactly 1 inch.

Im not sure about a mikuni, or the clamp mount dellortos, though.

Re: Copper intake sizes?

ez da snow man !! /

got an ol dexhaust header ?? try and use that if you want 20mm

Re: Copper intake sizes?

no i am short on exhaust headers and its a 20mm Keihin (20 bucks who can turn that down?)

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