A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

First, I got two cables with it: what looked like a throttle cable, and also a bare cable with ends (knraps, I think they are called). I assume one of these is used for the choke lever, but I don't understand what a bare cable would be used for.

Second, I got this Malossi-branded air filter element which looks like this:

Where does this thing go? The airbox is sealed, aside from the holes and the small filter-holder assembly.

I feel really dumb but this isn't exactly intuitive...

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

My philosophy professor loves the word intuitive.

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

if you have a working choke lever the cable, how does it attach? Can you use that hardware to hook up the bare end cable?

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

I could, but what I don't get is why the cable is bare. Seems like it would bind on something very easily

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

SO, the air filter goes where the stock carb buts up against the sub frame. This part should be pretty easy to figure out when you have the sub frame dropped. The black part fits over the top of the frame. Some people cut pieces off of the filter to make it fit but you really don't need to. It fits right over the sub frame and then attaches to the back end of the carb. One of the cables is for the choke and the other is throttle. You will need to change the throttle cable since your stock one only has a knarp at the top, where it goes into the control. Also, you need to make sure your control travels far enough. The Delorto carb take more pull on the throttle to open up the slide than the stock carb does. If you open up the control you can see where you need to grind back to make it so that the throttle opens more. Can't really explain that better, I can take pictures if you need. Hint: it's the white plastic part. Now, for the small bits. I had trouble with this too. Here's the picture I took of the extra pieces.

#1 is for the choke circuit. It screws onto the carb. If you don't live in a cold area and don't need to choke your bikes to start, leave this off. Though for tuning sake it's nice to have a choke

#2 Goes on the end of one of the cables

#3 Clamp that hold #7 Choke lever onto the bike. Somehow #6 is also involved, though I have never used this bracket.

#4 rests underneath #5, the throttle cable comes up through the hole and the spring that sits on the slide of the carb pushes up against the bottom of part #4. They both need to be facing toward the front of the bike so that the cable is directed to the front. You cannot use the metal elbow that comes with the carb. The frame will smash it.

That should be it. Just stare at it all for a really long time and it will all make sense. I also love the word intuitive.

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

Thanks, that helps A LOT. I'm guessing I should use the bare cable for the choke?

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I just realized something:

The Malossi filter has a straight-through hole in the middle where the carb goes. If you install it by fitting it over the stock airbox, air will flow into the hole where the 3-port rubber intake tube was, up the airbox, and out of the stock outlet hole. This renders the filter useless since air will be sucked in via the main central hole right into the carb, bypassing the sponge filter completely. Does that sound right?

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

that is true, but the carb will also get extra air which comes through the malossi filter, so the amount of air your carb now receives is increased=better! woo

Re: A little help with my Dellorto kit (Hobbit)

The red foam part does not push up all the way against the air box. So it will still draw air through it, along with drawing air through the sub frame.

Dude, about the cables and the e-mail you sent me: I don't remember exactly what they looked like in the kit. Can you take a pic and post them? Forget about the choke for now. The jetting that the carb comes with is a good place to start off. You may need to just get a Magura throttle assembly to make life easier. 1977 has them in stock right now. Then you can use the standard universal throttle cable. One end will be knarps-less that can get attached to the throttle and the other will have a small knarp that will attach to the slide inside the carb. Make sense?

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