general 5 star tuning questions

I’m going to pick up this 1980 5sg on Sunday, I looked around and can’t find much except a polini kit and a big carb to put on this sucker. I’m new to this but well versed in working on cars, naturally I’m already wanting to make this thing baller. What kind of suspension would fit on? Also about exhaust, am I going to have to make my own, or just fit a biturbo on it. I don’t mind not relying on bolt-ons but I need somewhere to start. Anybody here work on these guys? I attached a picture of it.

I also am picking up a Tomos for 50 bucks, maybe that will be the one to go crazy on? Help me out a little I suck. thanks.


Re: general 5 star tuning questions

Jason Jason Bobason /

That has a minarelli engine. You can find exhausts for it, or get a puch exhaust and do a little grinding on the bolt holes to widen the spacing a couple of mm. There are other kits for it as well, but polini is a good kit. Minarellis are great engines, you won't be disappointed.

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

King Drunky JCams /

Be careful of forward facing intakes like drew posted.

I got one similar to that one and it hits the frame and cannot be used on a 5 Star or Lazer...

What I did was cut and weld the original exhaust header and make it an intake.

Got a 18mm PHBG and bam... done.

75cc Polini

Puch Techno Estoril - derestricted

13 tooth front sprocket (required case dremeling to fit)

40 tooth rear

55+ all day long.

Good luck, great moped!

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

King Drunky JCams /

Here is a old post I made about my Lazer (5 star)

Down in the post, I attached a pic of the homemade intake.

Crazy seeing those old posts... the bike has changed since then for the better, of course...

Re: general 5 star tuning questions


i really appreciate the responses... now as far as suspension, what am i looking at? and is there any alloy wheels that fit on it?

sorry for 21 fucking questions

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

As far as I'm concerned the General Five Star/Lazers come with one of the nicest front forks I have seen. These bikes are built like motorcycles!! I have a Lazer with a Minarelli and its dead slow but super stable and well built. Kit it and go. I dig the rack on your bike. If you decide you don't want it I will gladly buy it off you. My Lazer.

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

King Drunky JCams /

Pepi - If my lazer had been that gorgeous I would have left it that color. Wow.

Too bad mine was a shitbox when I got it.

I'm gonna be adapting Peugeot 103 five stars to go onto my Lazer.

17" rims of any type can be made to fit. Just takes a little extra effort sometimes.

As for suspension, mine is stock. A bit squishy. At speed, big bumps can sometimes cause the back tire to hit the fender. I'd like to do better shocks someday... not sure what type I would use though or where they would come from...

Re: general 5 star tuning questions

the front fork can be firmed up a lot by changing the fork oil, or overfilling it a little. I put in new seals, fresh oil, and they are really great.

Any wheel that has sealed bearings can work. Don't know the axle diameter off the top of my head.

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