garelli + simonini

has this been done? I'm considering it.

Re: garelli + simonini

it would point in front of you. the angle is so much on the pipe and the exhaust port

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Yes it has been done, Will.

Re: garelli + simonini

how is it performance-wise? and any pictures?

Re: garelli + simonini

Yeah, pics?

On which kit, the 70cc Polini?


Re: garelli + simonini

It's not the fastest thing off the line, but that could be due to my disgustingly overported 65 eurokit. It gets into the powerband at around 38mph and at about 40, it starts to backfire and I haven't gone too much faster due to my bike cutting out because of a bad electrical system. Sorry.

I'll tell you how fast it goes once I get a CDI set-up or fix my electrical system. I'm sure with good electronics and no juvenile horrible port work, this pipe would have pretty good low and midrange and insane top end just like those Simoninis on Puch set-ups. It really kicks in once that powerband hits.

No pictures, but it's a Motomatic special. I wouldn't try to chop and bolt a factory one up. It'll just look silly.

Re: garelli + simonini


estoril or circuit is the way to go on garelli

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