Custom chain-oiler

I bought my Magnum with the oil injection disconnected but still in place. I had no interest in reconnecting it and I didn't really want to go through the process of pulling the pump out and adding a vacuum cap, so I decided to get creative. Here is how you can turn your unused oil injector into an automatic chain oiler.

It was a simple matter to reroute the lines to turn the oil injector into an RPM-controlled chain and sprocket oiler.

The problem was one of sheer volume. The oil pump is factory rated to put out roughly 40cc at peak RPM (IIRC, I don't have my shop manual here). That's a lot of oil going onto (and flying off of) my chain.

I ran the line from the tank down to the "in" port of the pump as normal. I bought a bubbler line set at PetsMart for $5 and hooked a t-junction to the "out" port. One line went to the rear sprocket with a small air bubbler petcock set to allow only one drop per minute at peak RPM. The second line ran back to the top of the oil tank to recirculate the unused oil. I had to drill a hole and add a second t-junction on the inside of the tank that, coupled with some o-rings, served as a nipple to mount the recirculation line.

I can only offer you my humble diagram, as my Magnum is wintering in a friend's basement. Next time I'm over there I'll take some real pictures. This picture was taken at our Ohpeds meet yesterday. If you look closely at the Magnum you'll see a line running from a light blue/teal thing attached to the oil pump. That's the t-junction and petcock.

I also had the idea of using the pump in conjunction with a water-cooled system, but 1) I don't know if it would work better than the thermosiphon method and 2) I can't find any water-cooled Puch kits that wouldn't be a nightmare to install. Maybe someone else will take that project.

Re: Custom chain-oiler

That's 40cc _per minute_ at peak RPM.

Re: Custom chain-oiler

dude, use your oil injection and run it to your exhaust pipe. CUPERTEEN smoke screen special.


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