tomos a55

what exhaust should i get for my a55 tomos

Re: tomos a55

technigas or biturbo bolt on and tons o fun! get the jet upgrade kit from 1977 mopeds too.

oh and PS a red LX is my all-time favorite tomos. i can't wait to own one.

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yea that what i got. i got the uipod air filter what size jet should i use with the air filter and exhaust

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i don't remember, call 1977mopeds, josh knows what is the right size for you. just buy the upgrade kit.

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i put on a bullet today and used the 1977 upgrade kit . i replaced air filter, the 2 jets, and didnt know what to with the infuser?? it didnt screw in like i thought it would.... the bike is all else totally stock, tomos st 2008,,, much faster top end but the noise is slightly more than i can handle.... any suggestions???

Re: tomos a55


i made a high flow Intake Silencer

fuck, why did i delete the pics and not add it to the Wiki?


email me for pics.

oh technigas Next all the way!


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