Fa50 racing carb. [expert topic?]

Alright. I got an Fa50.

Ran fine throughout summer, topping out at around 25 for me. Now, it doesn't start. Bad compression, I know, that's not the problem.

I got a Tecno Estoril for a Tomos, that I'm going to put on there. badass, I know.

I'm also throwing a Puch 50cc hi-comp head. Also badass.

Sounds good so far, right?

Yeah. So, once I do that, replace the gaskets, I'll have a beast.

But not enough of a beast.

Carb. What kind, How big, and custom intake?

Let me know your ideas and expertise.

Re: Fa50 racing carb. [expert topic?]

benji from treats mentioned a dellorto phbg...


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