I just froze my ass off

I couldn't wait for warmer weather, i just had to try them out. I upgraded the exhaust on both bikes, one with a circuit, the other with a estoril and DAMN! Tomos LX was sluggish off the start but with the circuit everything is evened out, smooth shifting and strong throughout the power band, tops out at a steady 35. Sprint with a uni and biturbo was loud and quick but lacked low end, now with the estoril the take off is way better, shift point seemed to be raised and smoothed out without loosing the top end of the biturbo, i'd say low to mid 40's. I actually think i got a little more out of it.

An ice cold bum was well worth the ride, now come on spring so i can get these things on the road without freezing.

Sorry i just had to share my excitement!

Re: I just froze my ass off

reroute your exhaust directly into your jacket, or stop complaining! richmond is like hawaii compared to boston right now! i just installed an aircraft wing de-icing unit on my moby so i can ride until january.

Re: I just froze my ass off

srsly. what I would do for low 40's...

Re: I just froze my ass off

srsly what i would do for high 20s

o wait that's what we have. isn't it nice u can drift and do burnouts all day long :P

Re: I just froze my ass off

Jay i'm working on the exhaust jacket heater attachment right now, i'm just trying to figure out how to mount the climate control and the margarita mixer.

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