Can E50 cylinder be bored?

Hi there,

I have stock Puch E50 engine with a little worn out cylinder.

Where I live it's easier to get the cylinder bored to over size and buy appropriate rings then to order a new cylinder from abroad.

The question is:

Can E50 cylinder be bored?

I have heard that it is made from some material that can not be bored, but I need second opinion from someone with more experience here.

Again, it's a stock cylinder.

Thank you all.


Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

It could be done but the new surface would need to be nikasil coated or a cast iron or steel sleeve pressed in. It is considered cheaper just to find another used one or go for a kit. Maybe you have access to cheap machine shop work

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

If it is one of the 2HP cast iron cylinders, then yes it can be bored. Otherwise, as mentioned above it is more complicated. Most puch cylinders are aluminum with nikasil lining. You would have to re-bore and then get nikasll lined. If I were you I would order a kit from abroad. You can both improve your performance and have a new cylinder, but I do not know about shipping in Macedonia.

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

If the cylinder is cast iron (you can see the sleeve) it can be overbored, but you need a new piston to fit the bore with the correct tolerances. Also if the cylinder has a sleeve, you could hone it with a small hone and put in new rings.

If your cylinder is aluminum with a nikasil plating on the inside, you could overbore it, but it would need to be replated which is difficult and expensive. You can't hone an nikasil bore cylinder.

Good luck,


Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i can tell from your picture it is one of the nikasil lined cylinders.

didn't you have a 50cc parma kit?

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

What makes you think your cylinder is wore out? might just need fresh rings.

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

The one on the picture in my profile is with stock cylinder. I don't plan to rebuild it, since it's engine is quite OK (cylinder ok, new piston and rings only) and I got it painted only 3 months ago. It goes around 50km/h.

Today, I got myself a new moped :)))), same as the one on the picture but in poor shape. So, since they are the same I guess the new one has also a nicasil lined cylinder.

The Parma 50cc was planed for new bike, since I expected to be in a poor shape. But, before ordering the Parma I wanted to check the possibility for boring the stock cylinder.

So, now the last possible option (before ordering Parma) is maybe to buy Tomos A35 cylinder, which I can easily find here, and fit it on E50 bottom end with E50 head.

But then the problem of fitting the 14mm Bing on A35 cylinder is here. :(


Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

I noticed that there is very small but noticeable difference in diameter inside the cylinder below and above the TDC line.

I guess that line is the maximum point where the rings go. Below it (towards the crankshaft) the diameter is slightly bigger the above that line.

So, is it normal(I can got away only with new rings and maybe piston) or I really need new cylinder?

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

new rings and a piston should work.

ps: id love to visit macedonia one day. I got as far as croatia and it was gorgeous

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

You are all welcomed here!!!

It's pretty wild nature, ancient culture, still untouched by mass tourism, delicious's home.

The only thing that sucks here are f....d up politicians. F....'em.

I'll have two moped's ready until then so we can cruise together around Skopje. I'm getting bored to be the only MA rider around.

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

shit talkin' hippy /

I want a pony sooo bad!

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

how bad is it? if it's not totally wrecked, gauged, warped, and melted, just run a brake cylinder hone in there, clean up the piston, and throw some new rings on it. i've taken out some pretty bad scratches from worn out rings' gaps and something that was stuck at the edge of the wrist pin hole with a brake hone in a drill, oil, and some patience.

Re: Can E50 cylinder be bored?

The cylinder doesn't look that bad. I have only noticed a slighty increase in the diameter, as mentioned before.

I think I'll go with a new piston and rings for the start.

I'm not in a hurry, so I think it will be a long winter project.

Only if I can find it's exhaust now. It must be somewhere in the garage where if found the bike, but I have to dig there since it's full of crap.

I wouldn't like to buy exhaust now.

Thank you all.


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