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well i have recently bought a piaggio zip (05 plate) it has done about 13,000km, about 8,000 miles......... this is besides the point

i have had a few problems with it, fuses blowing being the main, with the odd trouble to start her up in the cold.

now i want to make her faster, but im a total novice to bikes and i would like to learn. i would like to know a few bits i could buy and fit to make her faster

i get around 30-35mph from it (occasionally hitting 40) but when it comes to searching for new bits i seriously don't know....

what can i buy to enhance the speed of my bike? the bits and names would be great!

all help greatly appreicated


Re: Piaggio zip (05)

Bits! Fantastic! Hi other side!

James, this is the page I found on the Zip. According to this page, it's got Piaggio's 50cc four-stroke engine.

Also, the page linked above makes special mention of the fact that the 2008 model _does not_ have a digital clock. How much extra does that option cost, do you think?

Does it come with a sundial instead? A self-winding clock run off the speedometer drive? No clock at all? Who knows!

Anyway, I don't think that anyone here is going to be particularly helpful in the pursuit of performance gains on a 50cc automatic transmission four-stroke. You can't increase the displacement or compression with a kit, you can't change the fuel/air/exhaust flow with a hand file, and the transmission looks like it's sealed. I can't even tell - is yours chain- or belt-driven?

Perhaps someone can recommend a good scooter performance site? I know only of "battlescooter.net" (for the Honda Ruckus, specifically), and the people there spend a lot of time complaining about how slow they are (and, justifiably, talking about how much like a Jeep their scooters look).

Re: Piaggio zip (05)

James, being in the UK you are in good shape to get the help you need. I'd start out at the local scooter shop. Piaggio ZIP's are great scooters. As twingle said, most of the folks on this site don't have expertise in 4-stroke motors or good UK contacts. I'd hit the PM Tuning website or SIP-scootershop.de


Re: Piaggio zip (05)

ive been looking at some websites by the looks of it i would benefit from getting a de-restricted manifold and a sports exhaust.

am i right in thinking the exhaust attaches to the manifold? i am planning to take the bike apart and fit the pieces myself. only way i'll learn, after christmas for now i still need it for work and college.

any other ideas. i don't have a great deal of money to spend to get my little baby to turn into a beast!

Re: Piaggio zip (05)

Re: Piaggio zip (05)

bigger carb and intake, racing cam, better flowing exhaust, higher gears, bigger cylinder, new tires , new brakes, if u can find a tranny that has more speeds, shaving your head/cylinder, lighter valves, and a whole lot more i have no clue about

that is the extent of my knowledge on 4 stroke tuning. sad it only takes a sentence :S.

O p.s if u want to know what exactly those things are ask a good tuner :P

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